Port-All Manifolds - Brass Manifolds For PEX

Port-All - 2-Circuit Brass Manifold For 1/2" PEX
Port-All Manifolds - Brass Manifolds For PEX
Product Dimensions: 
12.5 × 3.5 × 14 in
Product Weight: 
8.25 lb
Product Family: 


Our Port-All Manifolds provide an amazing value that's hard to beat! These manifolds are come standard with generously large Supply & Return ports, 1/2" PEX quick connect circuit ports, gauges to monitor temp and pressure, both circuit level and system level valves for maximum control and ease of maintenance, air vent, and fill/drain ports. It's never been easier to multi-task your water chiller to provide cooling to multiple heat exchangers and achieve climate control in multiple spaces! These units are made primarily from heavy duty nickel-plated brass, and include many features that are considered "upgrades" by other manufacturers.


  • Monitoring: Return and Supply side temperature gauges allow you to both monitor the run-time performance of your chiller as well as the effectiveness of your heat exchange devices in your environment.
  • Control: Balancing valves allow for fine tuning at a circuit level, and up to 8 circuits with which to cool any number of heat exchangers! Add some temperature controllers and electronic valves for the finest level of climate control and automation.
  • Maintenance: Heavy duty noise dampening mounting bracket for easy install and reliable support for a life time. Strategically placed cut-offs and balancing valves make heat exchanger and general circuit maintenance a breeze while maximizing up-time! After-all when is it a good time to turn off your climate control for maintenance?

Common Applications:

  • Greenhouse Cooling and Heating
  • Brewery/Distillery/Winery Cooling & Heating
  • Aquarium & Aquaponic Cooling & Heating
  • Radiant Flooring
  • Snow & Ice Melting Systems


  • (2) Single Piece Brass Headers For Return & Supply
  • (2) 1" NPT Return & Supply Ports
  • (2) Flow Meters
  • (2) Balancing Valves -- (1) For Each Circuit
  • (4) Brass Compression PEX fittings -- (2) For Each of Return & Supply Side Circuits
  • (2) Temperature Gauges -- (1) For Each of Supply & Return
  • (1) Pressure Gauge
  • (1) Quick Stop Isolation Valve (In Flow Meters)
  • (2) 1/2" Fill & Drain Barbed Fitting
  • (1) 1/2" Air Vent
  • (1) Quick Stop Isolation Valve
  • Noise Dampening Mounting Bracket
  • PEX Port Spacing (OC): 2"
  • Assembled Dimensions:
    • Length: 12.5"
    • Height: 14"
    • Depth: 3.5"
    • Weight: 8.25 lbs


Port-All Manifolds

Port-All Manifolds

All-in-one Port-All Manifolds are a simple, easy to install and easy to maintain solution for your water heating & cooling systems. These highly configurable manifolds can be used to fine tune flow through each circuit while keeping a close eye on pressure and temperature performance. With a focus on value and features, Port-All units are practically a no-brainer add-on for your control systems.

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