Low Temp (LT) Chillers

Low Temp (LT) Chillers

Our "Low Temp" (LT) chiller feature is another unique option on many of our ChillX Chillers (by Chillking). This Low Temp upgrade provides for "Leaving Water Temp" (LWT) of 28F vs our standard 55F LWT at 95F ambient temp, this allows for an at/below-freezing water temp option and greater temperature differential for special applications, like brewing, essential oil extraction, and more! Most competitors don't even offer a standard 55F LWT let alone an LT option at 28F. What's more, most competitors rate their systems at a very unrealistic 70-75F ambient! If your summer time temp doesn't average 70-75F then you may well find that competing chiller doesn't perform quite as well as you hoped.

All of the systems listed below offer the optional LT upgrade. Please be sure you read about and understand the LT capabilities before you place an order! We're always happy to help, so please let us know if you have any questions!

ChillX - 6 Ton Horizontal Chillers (By Chillking)

Our 6 Ton Horizontal (Single Circuit) Chillers have the same small foot print as our 4&5 Ton Horizontal Chillers, stands just a few inches taller, and packs an extra 1-2 Ton/hr and nearly doubles the latent (stored) cooling capacity! The most notable difference in the 6 Ton Horizontal unit is the big jump to a 77 Gallon rather than the 44 Gallon built-in reservoir in the 4 & 5 Ton Horizontal units. Not only do you get an extra 1-2 ton of capacity, but you also get an extra 33 Gallons, w/ ~8,000 BTU of latent cooling capacity to help balance compressor run-time and system load!

2 - 10 Ton Process Chillers With-out Reservoir With 12" Base Cabinet (by Chillking)

Process Chillers (by Chillking): These inline/process chillers are available from 2 - 10 ton and offer a compelling cooling solution unique to the industry. Models without a cabinet do not have a reservoir or pump while models with 12" cabinet include a built-in pump but no reservoir. Accordingly, if you choose a unit with-out cabinet you'll need to supply an outside pump source and your own reservoir. Units with cabinet will still require some outside reservoir.

ChillX - 4 & 5 Ton Horizontal Chillers (By Chillking)

CHILLKING CHILLERS: Custom, Horizontal, and Vertical configurations are available from 1/2 to 100 tons. An auto fill mechanism is available on all models with tanks. Water distribution manifolds can be constructed to meet your exact needs. Our innovative distribution water manifold drastically reduces the normal manifold footprint. CHILLKING is an innovator by reducing manifold design to fit in a cabinet 30"W X 19"H X 12"D. In most cases up to ten pieces of equipment can be run on this manifold system.

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