Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers

Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers

Air-to Water Heat Exchangers are a very simple and reliable cooling and/or heating option for smaller spaces with basic climate control needs. They also a very efficient heat exchange option for users with a significant difference between ambient outdoor temperatures and their process/application. Designed for simplicity, efficiency, and durability even in the harshest of environments; air-to-water heat exchangers are worth considering for just about any application!

Generally speaking, using air-to-water heat exchangers as a "dry chiller" only makes sense in cooler climates. Winter temperatures north of 39° are on average sufficiently (and consistently) cool enough to justify the investment in a dry chiller. The further north, the colder and longer winter tends to be, and the greater the advantage of a dry chiller. The math for this is relatively straight forward if you know the typical kW/hr rate from your local utility company. Where a chiller or A/C compressor may draw 20-30 Amps at 208V single phase, a fan motor on a dry chiller may only draw 1 Amp. If your outdoor temp is 30 degrees cooler (or more) than your process/application, you should see power savings of 75-90%!

Most common applications for these units are:

Climate Control Applications (As a Unit Heater and/or Cooler):

  • Garage / Workshop
  • Residential
  • Commercial & Warehouse Space
  • Greenhouse
  • DIY Air Handler

Air-to-Water "Dry Chiller" Applications:

  • Greenhouse Irrigation
  • Fish Aquariums
  • Augment Chilled Water Systems
  • Brewery / Distillery Chillers
Zephaire - High Speed Modine Style Air-to-water Heat Exchanger

The Zephaire high speed hanging Modine style air to water heat exchanger (air handler / unit heater) has adjustable louvers and a generously powered single-speed fan to direct air flow exactly where you need it! Fan motor speed can be adjusted with a separate fan speed controller (rheostat), which is not included.

Zephaire - Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers (Slab-Only)

The Zephaire Slab-Only Air-To-Water Heat Exchangers are the very same heat exchangers used in our trusty Modine style units. These slab-only units are ideal for customers seeking a DIY solution to augment an existing HVAC system, or as a replacement heat exchanger for aged or underperforming equipment. Please see the sizing chart for heat exchanger dimensions in order to choose the best fit for your applications!

Zephaire - 2-Speed Modine Style Air-To-Water Heat Exchangers (Tube Side Front)

The Zephaire 2-speed hanging Modine style air to water heat exchanger (air handler / unit heater) has adjustable louvers and a generously powered 2-Speed (High/Low) fan to direct air flow exactly where you need it!

Hydro Innovations - Ice Box Inline Heat Exchangers

Install this chilled water heat exchanger on the exiting duct flange of your reflectors and eliminate the heat generated by your lighting. Seal up the garden and turn off the A/C! Using chilled water for cooling is significantly more efficient than traditional methods. Simply circulate chilled water through the heat exchanger(s) and let your fans recirculate the air in the space. The 6" version can handle up to 4,500 BTU of cooling and the 8" version can handle up to 6,500 BTU of cooling.

Dragon Breath - Air-To-Water Heat Exchangers

Dragon Breath Heat Exchangers can mount just about anywhere. They are used to heat/cool basements, garages, workshops, greenhouses, warehouses... just about anything you can think of. These units come with a fan, water to air heat exchanger and louvered grills. These are commercial grade units. Stamped fan blades quietly exhaust high air volumes.

Made in the USA!