PEX Manifolds / Fittings

PEX Manifolds / Fittings

Adding a manifold to your glycol chiller or chilled water applications is often a must. If you have more than one heat exchanger, and/or more than one process or space to control it's a requirement to devise some sort of manifold and control system to make the best use of your very expensive capital equipment! Whether you decide to build a manifold yourself using PVC parts from the hardware store, or a manufactured manifold you'll be pleased you did.

Honeywell - Valve Actuators

The VU844 Valve Actuators, and VU52, VU53 and VU54 Valve Bodies, will control hot or chilled water in commercial HVAC equipment such as fan coil units, terminal reheat coils and convectors. These valves are humidity resistant and are suitable for use in condensing, non-corrosive environments.

Port-All Manifolds - Brass Manifolds For PEX

Our Port-All Manifolds provide an amazing value that's hard to beat! These manifolds are come standard with generously large Supply & Return ports, 1/2" PEX quick connect circuit ports, gauges to monitor temp and pressure, both circuit level and system level valves for maximum control and ease of maintenance, air vent, and fill/drain ports. It's never been easier to multi-task your water chiller to provide cooling to multiple heat exchangers and achieve climate control in multiple spaces!

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