Built-in & Stand-alone Dehumidifiers

We offer a complete line of dehumidifiers, including stand-alone/portable units, ceiling and wall mounted units, as well our very popular and amazingly efficient dehumidifier upgrades to our ChillX and Chillking air handlers.

Our built-in air handler upgrades are considerably less expensive than similarly rated systems from our competitors, but our units are much more efficient, and with our "Hot Gas Recovery" (HGR) chiller option our units can dehumidify with essentially free energy! This means lower electric bills as well as significantly reducing your current draw which means more electricity where it counts!

Our built-in dehumidifiers:

  • Are significantly less expensive
  • Cost next to nothing to run
  • And provide 3X the dehumidification!
  • Reduce your current (Amps) footprint leaving you more electricity to apply where it really counts!

Product Catagories