Air Handlers

Water Cooled Air Handlers

Our ChillX and Chillking air handlers are available in sizes from 1.5 ton up to 35 ton, and offer a number of features and upgrades, including: built-in dehumidification with water-powered or electric heat, manifold systems for easy install, and portability options as well. We've organized our air handlers into sizes based loosely on application scale, small commercial, and large commercial.

Coupling our "Hot Gas Recovery" (HGR) chiller option with one of our air handlers along with our water-powered dehumidification upgrade offers an incredible amount of dehumidification capacity, and runs on effectively free heat energy! This method of balanced heating offers maximum dehumidification capacity (up to 135 PPD / ton!), allows temperature-neutral dehumidification. Please feel free to reach out with any questions regarding our dehumidification and "Hot Gas Recovery" upgrades.

It's very important that you size the right water pump for your cooling system whether you're looking to achieve air handler redundancy, sharing capacity / load balancing, or simply running in series. Please review our content on choosing the right centrifugal water pumps for your cooling application.

Zephaire - High Speed Modine Style Air-to-water Heat Exchanger

The Zephaire high speed hanging Modine style air to water heat exchanger (air handler / unit heater) has adjustable louvers and a generously powered single-speed fan to direct air flow exactly where you need it! Fan motor speed can be adjusted with a separate fan speed controller (rheostat), which is not included.

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