Glycol Chillers For Any Application

Glycol Chillers For Any Application!

With 5 different chiller configurations, and chiller capacities from 1/2 Ton to 100 Ton, we can provide any chiller capacity no matter how large (or how small!). Our chillers are also uniquely scalable with add-on chiller modules for almost infinite configuration options, and scalability.

Our chillers are built using the highest quality components, including stainless steel reservoir, 1/2" foam insulation, and custom refrigeration evaporators manufactured in-house. Every ChillX chiller is load tested to verify performance prior to shipment -- guaranteed! Our custom evaporators are as much as 20% more efficient than any other chiller on the market today!

High Efficiency Water Cooled Chillers

Water cooled chillers are efficient chillers! With 30-40% better performance, less noise, and a compact modular design, our chiller cubes offer all of the best features available. They can be coupled with one or more of our dry chillers, evaporative fluid coolers, or pond loops for heat rejection.

Our chiller cubes can also receive all our best upgrades, including: Hot Gas Recovery, hybrid chiller control (compressor by-pass), custom tank systems, and variable speed glycol pumps.

Water Cooled Dehumidification


MASS dehumidification: Our air handlers are capable of massive amounts of dehumidification at a fraction of the cost of traditional stand alone units!

Some competing dehumidifiers cost more than $3000 each (just for dehumidification!), only produce 215 pints/day (27 gallons/day), and can cost more than $1000/year to run!

Just one of our 5 ton air handlers can produce up to 650 pints/day (81 gallons/day) and can use effectively free energy from our "Hot Gas Recovery" chiller option for reheat!

Our dehumidifiers:

  • Are significantly less expensive
  • Cost next to nothing to run
  • And provide 3X the dehumidification!

Air Handlers

Our air handlers come in just about every capacity and mount-orientation imaginable, including: ceiling mount, roof mount, wall mount, and can be oriented vertically or horizontally. All of them offer options for fan speed, electric or water-powered heat, as well as mass dehumidification! Coupled with our recommended line of Johnson Temperature Controllers, and you have a world class climate control system for just about any budget!

We offer several air handler styles, including:

  • Standard residential style air handlers
  • Portable air handlers
  • Compact air handlers for tight spaces
  • Heavy duty commercial air handlers, for most commercial applications
  • Hydronic space heaters / unit heaters


CHILLX Premium Water Chillers

The Most Efficient cooling solutions
For Your Environment.

A great deal of research, engineering, and creativity goes into every product we offer. Built in the USA by expert craftsman, our chillers are custom designed by a team of engineers with decades of experience in all manner of commercial refrigeration applications. You won't find a more thoughtfully considered chiller solution anywhere else.

Providing great customer service isn't just a lofty goal for us, or an empty talking point; it's a business imperative and the foundation of what we do. In order to help you achieve your goals with the most optimal solution, we must establish a positive working relationship based on trust and...

One of the most cited reasons for customers to use chiller systems is the ease of installation, and the feasibility of less expensive DIY installation (unlike traditional A/C systems). Depending on the level of complexity of your system or your level of confidence to successfully install your...

Whether you're a consummate DIY'er, a professional installer, or brand new to water chiller installation, we can help! We have professional install teams ready to help in every major market, and can usually arrange for installation just about anywhere in between. We're also happy to talk you...

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