B&G - Cast Iron Flange Sets

B&G - Threaded Cast Iron Flanges (Pair) - 1"
B&G - Cast Iron Flange Sets - With Nuts & Bolts
B&G - Cast Iron Flange Sets - With Nuts & BoltsB&G - Cast Iron Flange Sets - Side ViewB&G - Cast Iron Flange Sets - Bottom View
Product Dimensions: 
7 × 5 × 1 in
Product Weight: 
3 lb


This is a threaded cast iron flange set for several models of Bell & Gossett pump. Please refer to the flange set specifications for compatibility.


  • Material: Cast Iron
  • 1" Flange Set Compatible With: Series 100 Pumps, Series PR Pumps, Series NRF-22 Pumps, Series NRF-9F/LW Pumps, Series NRF-33 Pumps, Series NRF-36 Pumps, Series PL-30 Pumps, Series PL-36 Pumps, Series PL-55 Pumps


Bell & Gossett

Bell & Gossett Cold/Hot Water Circulating pumps

Bell & Gossett designs and manufacturers reliable, maintenance-free, whisper quiet wet rotor circulating pumps for residential and light commercial hydronic heating and cooling systems. With a generous warranty and readily available technical and customer support, you'll be glad to purchased your B&G and pump today!

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