Portable Dehumidifier

ChillX - Portable Water Cooled Dehumidifiers

We offer several dehumidifier designs with different levels of portability. Our water cooled designs range from very small (70PPD), to medium-large capacity designs (675PPD). Our DehuDRY units can also be deployed with some portability by adding a caster wheel kit or simply mounting the unit to a utility cart in the field.

ChillX - Portable Water Cooled Dehumidifier

Our small, portable water-cooled dehumidifiers are an excellent and affordable option to dehumidify efficiently with a chilled water supply.

  • Capacity of 70 pints per day.
  • Adjustable humidity set point.
  • 50% reduction in power consumption.
  • Operates continuously when plumbed to a drain.
  • Impact and corrosion resistant hardware for longevity
  • 24" tall x 16" wide x 12" deep.
  • NOTE: Chilled water supply required.