Centrifugal Water Pumps

Centrifugal Water Pumps

An often underappreciated component of water cooled systems is the pump; the literal heart of your cooling system! Centrifugal pumps are the best option for water cooled applications for several reasons, but namely: relatively low head is required which centrifugal pumps can handle very efficiently and reliably over the long term, heat producing components are mostly isolated from pump housing which reduces heat exchange to cooling fluids.

With so many options on the market it can be tricky to choose the right construction and brand of centrifugal pump. Many collective years of experience in HVAC design, manufacture, and service has taught us never to compromise on this critical component, so the pumps we offer provide the best combination of value, quality, and reliability for our customers. In our opinion, our centrifugal pumps are affordable enough that we recommend customers consider upgrading with a back-up pump for redundancy and added assurance. Relative to the total cost of your cooling system, and the potential cost of unforeseen down time, we believe redundant pumps are an essential part of responsible design.

Correctly sizing a pump for your cooling application is a very important part of the design process! Please feel free to reach out so we may offer design assistance if you have questions, concerns, or just want to double check your estimates.

A general rule of thumb for sizing a pump is to plan for a minimum of 1.25 GPM / 1 ton of cooling capacity, with a 20F differential. For example, if you have a 6 ton cooling system which is presumably sized appropriately for your grow room or wort chiller (the specific application doesn't really matter) where your target target temp is 75F and your water chiller is set at 55F LWT, you'll need at least 7.5 GPM pumped through your heat exchanger in order to adequately cool your space or wort. There are some nuances for certain situations (like adding heat exchangers in series) but this method will at least get you in the ballpark.

Liquidus - Small 3-Speed Circulating Pump

Liquidus Pumps represent our value line of circulating pumps with very similar design and performance specs to better known equivalents like Taco, B&G, and Grundfos. These pumps are suitable for most low pressure heating and cooling applications using water or glycol mixes. This design is most commonly used with boiler and radiant floor applications.

B&G - Low Head Cold/Hot Water Circulating Pump (BG-NRF-22)

B&G's NRF-22 flanged in-line system lubricated circulating pump was designed specifically for quiet operation in closed hydronic heating and cooling systems. The B&G NRF-22 pump is the only oil lubricated pump on the market; other pumps use water and water does not a good lubricant make!

This pump is approximately 30% more powerful than the Taco 007 size.

Flotec - 1/2 - 2 hp Medium Head Centrifugal Pumps

In business for over 30 years, Flotec pumps are a stand-out in a crowded field, with industry leading support, superior reliability, and serviceability. These are heavy duty pumps you can trust for your mission critical cooling applications. In addition to these highly reliable centrifugal pumps, Flotec also offers a full-featured line of pumps for every application imaginable -- please inquire if you have some special requirements.

Pentair Sta-Rite - 1/3 - 2-1/2 hp Medium Head Centrifugal Pumps

J/JB Series and other STA-Rite® Industries centrifugal pumps can be ordered with T.E.F.C. motors, and with other design characteristics. J Series with Noryl® impellers is abrasion-resistant for normal applications with working temperatures to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. JB Series has silicon bronze impellers and viton seals for even higher temperature applications. These very heavy duty pumps are commonly used for: water irrigation for homes, farms and industry, water-cooled air conditioning applications, and industrial process chiller applications.