Hydro Innovations - Resistat Water Temperature Controller

Hydro Innovations - Resistat Temperature Controller
Hydro Innovations - Resistat Water Temperature Controller (Installed With Valve)
Hydro Innovations - Resistat Water Temperature Controller (Installed With Valve)Hydro Innovations - Resistat Water Temperature Controller (Boxed)
Product Dimensions: 
6 × 4 × 3.5 in
Product Weight: 
0.75 lb
Product Family: 


The Hydro Innovations Resistat is a simple, set-it and forget-it device intended to maintain temperature in reservoirs. The stainless steel temperature probe offers protection against corrosion due to long term exposure to water and harsh chemical nutrients. Simple place the probe in the reservoir you wish to control the temperature of, set the dial to the desired temperature, then plug in your electronically actuated valve to control chilled water flow through your heat exchanger device. These can be used with tube and shell heat exchangers as well as with tube and shell heat exchangers for larger volumes of water.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions about installation as well as for help in sizing your heat load in order to select the right size heat exchanger(s) and chiller systems.

PLEASE NOTE: These Hydro Innovations resistats have been discontinued, and are no longer available. The best drop-in replacement is a Ranco Electronic Temperature Controller (ETC) -- these come in a few versions, but the nearest version to the HI Resistat is the:


  • Power Supply: 120V, 15Amp max,
  • Probe: Stainless steel temperature probe
  • Single channel on/off relay


Hydro Innovations

Hydro Innovations Cool Coils & Ice Boxes

Hydro Innovations was among the very first to offer water cooled garden solutions, and gained a great following with popular products like their Cool Coils, and Ice Boxes. These cleverly simple products can provide dramatic energy efficiency and cost savings when coupled with high performance water chiller systems from ChillX and Chillking. Hydro innovations warranties their units for 90 days.

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