Compact Chillers

Compact Chillers

Don't let the compact size fool you -- there is a lot of power packed into this small footprint! Our compact commercial grade chillers are designed by the same team which designed our largest Chillking chillers, and these compact units are built on the same manufacturing line too! Consider them the 100 ton's scrappy cousin.

Powered by custom designed and hand crafted reservoirs and evaporators manufactured in-house by Chillking, these units offer the same performance guarantees and warranties as our largest systems. Pound for pound, these units offer the highest performance and value of any chiller on the market today.

ChillX - Compact Water Chiller

ChillX Premium Water Chillers: ChillX has teamed up with Chillking to design and manufacture a brand new, highly reliable, super efficient, quiet, and impressively compact chiller system specifically for the hydroponic and brewing industries. These units are built from the highest quality components, to the highest standard, right here in the USA, and are backed by the best warranties in the business!

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