Bell & Gossett

Bell & Gossett Cold/Hot Water Circulating pumps

Bell & Gossett designs and manufacturers reliable, maintenance-free, whisper quiet wet rotor circulating pumps for residential and light commercial hydronic heating and cooling systems. With a generous warranty and readily available technical and customer support, you'll be glad to purchased your B&G and pump today!

B&G - Low Head Cold/Hot Water Circulating Pump (BG-NRF-22)

B&G's NRF-22 flanged in-line system lubricated circulating pump was designed specifically for quiet operation in closed hydronic heating and cooling systems. The B&G NRF-22 pump is the only oil lubricated pump on the market; other pumps use water and water does not a good lubricant make!

This pump is approximately 30% more powerful than the Taco 007 size.