ChillX Chillers

ChillX Premium Water Chillers

ChillX premium water chillers are built using the highest quality components, including stainless steel reservoir, 1/2" foam insulation, and custom refrigeration evaporators manufactured in-house. Every ChillX water chiller is load tested and must produce at least 110% of the BTU rating for that system -- guaranteed! Our custom evaporators are as much as 20% more efficient than any other chiller on the market today!

A great deal of research, engineering, and creativity goes into every product offered by ChillX. Built in the USA by expert craftsman, ChillX chillers are custom designed by a team of engineers with decades of experience in all manner of commercial refrigeration applications. You won't find a more thoughtfully considered chiller solution anywhere else.

CHILLX Premium Water Chillers

The Most Efficient cooling solutions
For Your Environment.

ChillX - *Used* 2 Ton Process Chiller (208/230V 1-Phase)

This is a refurbished 2 Ton Process Chiller for 208/230V 1-Phase, which tested very well on our bench. It was very thoroughly gone through, and received a deep vacuum and a fresh charge of refrigerant.

ChillX - 16 to 110 Ton Dual Circuit Process Chillers (Semi-Hermetic)

Our ChillX Air-cooled Dual-circuit Process Chillers with Semi-hermetic compressors are available in capacities from 16 to 110 Ton. These are built with very heavy-duty, industry-leading Copeland or Bitzer semi-hermetic compressors. Our chillers are complete with refrigerant charge already on them, and are load-tested at the factory. These come with a number of standard features, including variable capacity control for soft start and stepped capacity control from 25-100%, compressor crankcase heaters, flow switches, internal piping insulation, phase monitors, and more.

ChillX - 6 - 20 Ton Dual-Circuit Vertical Chillers

Our ChillX Dual-Compressor Vertical Commercial Chillers come in capacities from 6-20 Ton and include all of our premium features by default, resulting in the best performance profile in our line as well as the added efficiency and redundancy afforded by a multi-circuit system. These commercial grade units also offer several optional upgrades, including:

Torpedo - 1.5 to 10 Ton Titanium & PVC Chiller Barrel Heat Exchanger (DX)

Our Torpedo Titanium & PVC barrel chiller heat exchangers are most commonly used in salt water applications for pools, aquariums, and stock tanks. But the very corrosion resistant materials of this design can be used just about anywhere.


  • Schedule 80 PVC shell and fittings
  • Refrigerant-ready fittings for quick installation
  • Feet with bolt notches for secure installation
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • UL Listed
  • ISO9001, and ISO14001
ChillX - 10-20 Ton Process Chillers (Dual-circuit)

Our larger, dual-circuit 10-20 Ton process chiller line are an excellent budget-friendly choice for applications requiring a modular, scalable design. These units are also frequently used to replace antiquated chillers where existing buffer tank and distribution components are still operational and the customer prefers to simply replace the chiller portion. This new process chiller module can simply be added to the existing tank system to augment or replace the existing chiller capacity.

Water-cooled Brazed Plate Compressed Air Dryer

Water-cooled compressed air dryers are a great budget-friendly option for users with an existing chilled water supply cool enough to condense moisture from a compressed air flow (generally around 60F and below). Brazed plates are generally designed for higher pressure applications which make them a safer, and more appropriate water-cooled option than tube and shell heat exchangers.

ChillX - 20 - 40 Ton Vertical Self-Contained Quad-Circuit Chillers

Part of our premiere line of Vertical Self-Contained Multi-circuit Chillers, these are designed for users with a less than steady heat load where latent capacity (reservoir storage) and compressor staging are important. These quad-circuit chillers are an excellent solution for customers in need of capacity greater than 20 Ton, but where single phase power is all that's available. In capacities larger than 20 Ton the benefit is a lower total cost/value than larger compressors at higher voltages.

ChillX - 15 - 30 Ton Vertical Self-Contained Chiller

Our premiere line of Vertical Self-Contained Multi-circuit Chillers are designed for users with a less than steady heat load where latent capacity (reservoir storage), and compressor staging are important. These units offer a very large reservoir and generously sized immersion coil evaporators. The Low Temp versions also include extra tank and piping insulation built-in. These chillers offer a great combination of value, flexibility, and efficient operation.

ChillX - 2 - 5 Ton Budget Water-Cooled Air Handlers

These are the newest addition to our water-cooled air handler line. They come standard with many built-in features and available upgrades. With the same up/down/horizontal flow flexibility as our larger residential style air handlers, they can be deployed for almost any application. The cabinet's are a heavy gauge embossed galvanized steel -- front and top panels are painted gray. This heavy duty exterior offers corrosion resistance and durability for a long life of reliable performance, even in the harshest commercial environment.

ChillX 5 - 16 Ton Geothermal Pond Loop Heat Exchangers

These very rugged pond loop heat exchangers come in capacities from 2 Ton up to 16 Ton, and can come with a handful of optional upgrades upon request.