ChillX - 5 - 50 Ton Closed Loop Evaporative Fluid Coolers

ChillX - 5 Ton Closed Loop Evaporative Fluid Cooler
ChillX - Closed Loop Evaporative Fluid Cooler - Front
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Product Dimensions: 
39 × 39 × 52 in
Product Weight: 
210 lb
Product Certifications: 
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Our evaporative fluid cooler systems can be deployed in a number of applications, and in hybrid/combinations including:

  • DX Condensor: As a condensor for direct expansion systems, using any common refrigerant -- R404A, R407C, R410A, and more.
  • Fluid Cooler: As a stand alone evaporative fluid cooler with control capabilities to switch between dry chiller mode and evaporative mode.
  • Condensor Precooler: Old and new air conditioning systems can sometimes be overwhelmed by outdoor ambient, and/or short term spikes in demand. Our fluid coolers can be used as a precooler for existing A/C systems to both meet those peak demands as well as significantly improve efficiency.
  • Glycol/Water Condensor:Water-cooled chillers are far more efficient than standard air-cooled chillers. Our fluid cooler can be used as the primary rejection method for water-cooled chiller systems. And in colder climates, the fluid cooler can be configured to by-pass the compressors entirely and directly chill the glycol on the process side, saving as much as 90% of the energy otherwise consumed by compressors!


  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Light Weight, Modular Construction
  • Built-in Freeze Protection
  • Modulating Fans
  • Low Ambient Controls
  • Compressor By-pass Controllers Available


  • ~60,000 BTU/HR w/ LWT at wet-bulb + 8F
  • Capacity:
    • Evaporative: LWT wet-bulb+~8F, @ up to ~12 GPM
    • Dry Chiller: LWT ambient+~7F @ up to ~12 GPM
  • Fan: Aluminum Blades w/ 14" Diameter
  • Power Supply: 240V, 60hz single phase
  • Power: 170W
  • Refrigerant: R404A, R407C, R410A, or water & glycol
  • Shipping Weight: 155 LBS
  • Shipping Dimensions: 42"L x 42"W x 60"H
  • Product Weight: 80 LBS Dry / 210 LBS Wet
  • Product Dimensions: 32"L x 32"W x 52"H
  • UL Certified
  • Decibels: 73


ChillX Chillers

ChillX Premium Water Chillers

ChillX premium water chillers are built using the highest quality components, including stainless steel reservoir, 1/2" foam insulation, and custom refrigeration evaporators manufactured in-house. Every ChillX water chiller is load tested and must produce at least 110% of the BTU rating for that system -- guaranteed! Our custom evaporators are as much as 20% more efficient than any other chiller on the market today!

A great deal of research, engineering, and creativity goes into every product offered by ChillX. Built in the USA by expert craftsman, ChillX chillers are custom designed by a team of engineers with decades of experience in all manner of commercial refrigeration applications. You won't find a more thoughtfully considered chiller solution anywhere else.

CHILLX Premium Water Chillers

The Most Efficient cooling solutions
For Your Environment.

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