Industry Leading Support

Providing great customer service isn't just a lofty goal for us, or an empty talking point; it's a business imperative and the foundation of what we do. In order to help you achieve your goals with the most optimal solution, we must establish a positive working relationship based on trust and understanding. We don't work any other way.

A Conversation

Every good working relationship begins with a conversation. It's important that we take time to get to know you, learn about your operation, and begin to understand your objectives.

Identify Objectives

Once we know you a little we'll start our interview process in order to identify your current stated needs and objectives so we may be as specific with our sizing as possible. Please come prepared with specifics of your project, including: your grow space dimensions, building construction, an idea of existing and/or planned insulation, number of lights, number of plants, your method of growing, and to what extent you wish to control your grow environment. Only when we have all these details can we make an earnest attempt at a custom sizing for your specific needs and goals. As you well you know, almost no two growers are the same -- growers have preferred nutrients, feeding schedules, soil mixes, light schedules, lighting intensities, and not least of all different preferred genetics. None of this makes a grower any more wrong or right than another, necessarily, but it definitely makes each grow a custom project, requiring attention to detail and a very custom facility support requirements.

Project Sizing

Our project sizing output is the culmination of our conversations with you and the collection of inputs so we may make a complicated set of tasks, and usually requires consulting and consensus from several team members. As a result, your sizing will typically be a net product of the input. Once your sizing is creating, we can model input adjustments and their effect on the sizing. This is a normal course of fine tuning in order to get the best outcome for our clients.


Once we've collectively agreed on the sizing we make our recommendation on the best combined solution considering all of: your current and future needs, your budget, your time table, your facility, and your goals as a passionate and focused grower.

Bid Proposal

Once we're in agreement on the recommended system and any adjustments/tweaks you'd like to make, we'll get a bid proposal together for your review and record keeping. Once you're ready to go, just gives us a heads up, submit the down payment outlined in the bid proposal and we'll get to building your ideal system right away!


Too many of our competitors would leave you on your own at the previous step. But we're quite committed to your success, because we believe your success is a reflection of us. We not only want you to succeed, we need you to succeed! If you need help guidance finding an installation team, we can help. If you need help doing the installation, we can help. If you just want some one-on-one guidance while you install your system yourself, WE CAN HELP!

Warranty Service

Part of being an industry leader is taking ownership and responsibility of our products' performance in the field long after we've sold and installed them. Our warranties are just as good as as our competitors, they're substantially better, more comprehensive, and for longer term.