What is Hot Gas Recovery?

During the condensing stage of a typical refrigeration cycle the refrigerant gives up a substantial amount of heat. Hot Gas Recovery is a process which captures most of this heat and transfers to another water or water-glycol mix that can either be stored in a boiler/reservoir (even just to a standard water heater), or may simply be used immediately in some other process or work flow. In the case of agricultural applications, this hot water can be plumbed to your hot water capable (4-pipe) air handler and provide a source of heat for climate control, or can be coupled with a dehumidification capable controller to boost the dehumidification capacity of your air handler and/or provide a re-heat stage in order to manage a neutral supply temp while still dehumidifying. This is essentially free energy for your mass dehumidification system, and helps provide dehumidification even when your chiller is not actively cooling your space!