Budget Chillers

Budget/Low Profile Low Temp Chillers

Our ChillX Budget & Low Profile chillers come in capacities from 1.5-10 ton and represent very flexible and affordable options for the budget-minded user, but sparing few of the features and unique design elements you've come to expect from our high end commercial chillers. Backed by the same industry leading warranties and outstanding service guarantees, you'll get a great deal of value from our budget chillers. The primary differences between our budget and standard lines are:

  • A smaller frame with a uni-body construction (where appropriate)
  • Somewhat smaller pumps (though still quite sufficient)
  • And some of our budget systems may only be available in single-phase power supplies

If none of those differences are important to you, then our budget line is probably an obvious choice!

ChillX - 2-5 Ton Low Profile Low Temp Self-Contained Chillers (Single Circuit Models)ChillX - 2-5 Ton Low Profile Low Temp Self-Contained Chillers (Single Circuit Models)

Our new ChillX Low Profile Low Temp Self-Contained Chillers are designed for users with a steady heat load demand where latent capacity (reservoir storage) is less important. These units offer a smaller reservoir than our largest commercial units, but use the exact same in-reservoir evaporators as their larger cousins. These chillers are a great price and running cost compromise without sacrificing any of the efficiencies and performance of our biggest self-contained chillers, with the advantage of a lower price point and reduced power consumption during idle times.