DehuDRY Dehumidifiers

DehuDRY - Large Capacity Dehumidifiers

DehuDry saw the need for a competitively priced commercial dehumidifier that didn't compromise on the most important features. You will find that the DehuDry performs as well or better than the higher priced dehumidifiers. Innovative engineering has yielded dehumidification solutions that use tried and true methods to increase performance and efficiency -- Better serviceability. Excellent redundancy. Totally independent units.

Less Watts. More Pints.

DehuDRY - High Capacity Scalable Dehumidifiers

DehuDRY's quest to design a superior dehumidifier has yielded the ultimate value combination of price and performance unrivaled by any other brand on the market today, while not compromising on features that matter most -- performance, reliability, efficiency, scalability, and value.


DehuDry dehumidifiers have stainless steel cabinets offer many years of clean operation.

The condensate pan is durable pressed steel that's powder coated for maximum rust prevention.