Uvonair - Corona Discharge (CD) Inline Ducted Ozone Generators

Uvonair - 8-inch CD-Inline Ducted Ozonator Corona Discharge (1-Cell)
Uvonair - 8-inch CD-Inline Ducted Ozonator Corona Discharge (CD-800)
Uvonair - 8-inch CD-Inline Ducted Ozonator Corona Discharge (CD-800)Uvonair - 10-inch CD-Inline Ducted Ozonator Corona Discharge (CD-1000-2)Uvonair - 12-inch CD-Inline Ducted Ozonator Corona Discharge (CD-1200)
Product Dimensions: 
14 × 11 × 17 in
Product Weight: 
14 lb
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Ozone gas (O3) attacks and neutralizes odors at the source; eliminating odors caused by tobacco smoke, molds, mildew, and bacteria. It even tackles pungent odors from pets, cooking, and musky basements! When used responsibly, ozone is proven to kill 99.99% of harmful viruses and bacteria (like SARS), and may be beneficial in combating the COVID-19 Coronavirus!

Uvonair generates Ozone (O3)—one of the most powerful oxidizers available in nature. Ozone doesn't just mask odors like air fresheners -- it neutralizes the cause of the odors, then harmlessly dissipates into CO2 and oxygen. Uvonair works silently with the same ozone generating technology available in units costing considerably more. Uvonair ozone generators are ideal for homes, medical offices, workplaces, greenhouses, food production facilities; anywhere that can benefit from purer, cleaner air and sanitized surfaces. Set the adjustable output by monitoring the exhaust air for odors.

The Uvonair CD-800, CD-1000-1, CD1000-2, and CD-1200 In-line ducted models are high-output Corona Discharge ozone generators that produce more ozone than any other products on the market today. They are adjustable to match the ozone demand load for odor control as well as provide energy conservation in low demand periods These CD ozone generators do not require servicing. Uvonair CD models are the preferred solution for larger ducts and high odor situations.


  • Ideal for large spaces from 10,000 cu.ft (300 m3) up to 100,000 cu.ft. (3,000 m3)
  • Uvonair CD options to fit round ducts with diameters of: 8-inch (20 cm), 10-inch (25 cm), or 12-inch (30 cm)
  • Adjustable (High/Low/Off) switch
  • Can be adapted to fit other size ducts using ducting reducers/adapters (however, using with larger ducts may compromise airflow).
  • Works in areas with high humidity
  • Works in a wide range of temperatures
  • Sanitizing & deodorizing grow rooms
  • Environmentally friendly; ozone dissipates quickly, using no harsh chemicals, and leaving behind no lasting residues or by-products
  • Full one year warranty!
  • No maintenance required
  • * Ducting adapters not included; use inline with existing ventilation system, adapt to fit your ducting as needed.


  • Position the Uvonair CD In-Duct Odor Eliminator generator, where possible, a minimum of 15 ft. (5 m) from the end of the exhaust duct to ensure adequate reaction time with odors. We recommend a minimum of 15 ft. (5m) of ductwork.
  • When using a fan, always put the ozonator on the output side of the fan.
  • Requires 110V 60Hz electrical power
  • Install in accordance to local electrical standards.
  • As a safety feature, the Uvonair CD unit must be working in tandem with the ventilation exhaust fan.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions in order to synchronize operation with ventilation system/fan.
  • Uvonair CD is equipped with a 6 ft (2m) cord with a grounded three-prong plug and a surge protection fuse.
  • Do not alter the plug in any way -- proper grounding and fuse protection is important!
  • Use caution to keep all electrical connections dry.

Operating Instructions

  • Consult a ventilation professional for specific duct lengths as this may vary depending on the existing duct setup and its ability to adjust for the insertion of the Uvonair UV In-Duct system.
  • The weight of the unit must be supported with duct-hanging wire from the support bracket to a hook or nail on the joists above. Make final adjustment after final installation.
  • Insert the unit into the existing ducts up to mounting ridges making it airtight using duct tape or clamps.
  • Disconnect power to the unit prior to servicing.

Note: The Uvonair CD In-Duct system should be located so that a connection can be made to the electrical source without the use of an extension cord. No maintenance is required of these units. NOT serviceable by user, for any maintenance issues please contact your local dealer.


  • Uvonair Model: CD-800 (single cell)
  • Installs into 8-inch (20 cm) ducts to treat the air as it is being exhausted
  • For large spaces of 10,000 cu.ft. (300 m3) to 20,000 cu.ft (600 m3)
  • Power Supply: 120V / 24 Watts / 0.2 Amps
  • Ozone Production: 1100 mg/hr



Uvonair - Ozone Generators

Ozone Environmental Technologies has been manufacturing Commercial/Industrial Uvonair Ozonators since 1994!

All Uvonair products are manufactured at their head office/production facility in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. Uvonair uses only the highest quality components in the production of their UltraViolet (UV) and Corona Discharge (CD) ozone generating systems. Uvonair product lines provide ultimate air deodorizing and purification for a variety of applications.

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