Unit Heaters

Commonly referred to as a "unit heater" these heat exchangers can be coupled with heat sources including residential water heaters, commercial boilers, and wood furnace boiler systems to provide reliable and efficient heating solutions for many applications. All of our air-to-water heat exchangers are safe to use with potable water, and rated up to 175PSI & 350F!

Zephaire - Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers (Slab-Only)

The Zephaire Slab-Only Air-To-Water Heat Exchangers are the very same heat exchangers used in our trusty Modine style units. These slab-only units are ideal for customers seeking a DIY solution to augment an existing HVAC system, or as a replacement heat exchanger for aged or underperforming equipment. Please see the sizing chart for heat exchanger dimensions in order to choose the best fit for your applications!

Zephaire - 2-Speed Modine Style Air-To-Water Heat Exchangers (Tube Side Front)

The Zephaire 2-speed hanging Modine style air to water heat exchanger (air handler / unit heater) has adjustable louvers and a generously powered 2-Speed (High/Low) fan to direct air flow exactly where you need it!

Dragon Breath - Air-To-Water Heat Exchangers

Dragon Breath Heat Exchangers can mount just about anywhere. They are used to heat/cool basements, garages, workshops, greenhouses, warehouses... just about anything you can think of. These units come with a fan, water to air heat exchanger and louvered grills. These are commercial grade units. Stamped fan blades quietly exhaust high air volumes.

Made in the USA!